Royal Hold’em – Poker game review

Royal Holdem is an unusual short deck variant of Texas Holdem. Its greatest appeal is the lack of seven-deuce offsuit starting hands. Royal Hold’em is played exactly like regular Texas Hold’em except it is played with a stripped deck. All Twos up to Nines have been removed. Left is a twenty card deck containg only the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens. The hand ranking is not changed. As in regular poker a full house beats a flush and so on.

By necessity, Royal Holdem is played shorthanded. With a 6 seat table, a dozen hole cards are dealt out. The flop brings three community cards. The turn and river is card number 16 and 17 out of the deck. There is only a three card stub left after the river at a full 6 player ring game. There is not much mystery left. The card which fills that four-of-a-kind has probably been in one of the players’ hand. 17 out of 20 face cards are dealt out either as hole cards or community cards. This means that while the hand ranking table is the same, it is much easier to place on the higher end of the list. Royal Hold’em is a game for those who enjoy the situation where “monsters” as straights and full houses are a dime a dozen and a A Q is a marginal starting hand.

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