Double Flop Texas Hold’em – Poker game review

There are a lot of cards in Double Flop Texas Hold’em. It is played in similar fashion to regular Texas hold’em, but there is a twist. There are two boards. There is a flop, a turn, and a river for each board, and they are dealt on two rows at the same time.

Just like in ordinary Texas Hold’em, you make your best hand of five cards from the seven available. The seven cards available cards are your two pocket cards plus the five cards of the board – upper OR lower. That is players make the best hand for each board. There is no declaration of which board that is used. Each players hand is evaluated for each board. Note that they are evaluated separately, it is not allowed “mix” the rows.

Double Flop Texas Hold’em is most often played as a split-pot game. A winner will be chosen from the best hand for both the upper row and the lower row. However, it can also be played where the best hand from one board wins the entire pot.

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