What is Bingo and How to Play It: A Complete 101 Guide


Bingo is a game that has a lot of fun to play if you know how to play bingo. However, the best thing is that it is elementary to learn, and almost everyone can play it too. The game of Bingo generally has a scorecard on which it is played. It has 25 squares. The basic rule of the game is that out of the 25 squares, you will be declared a winner if you manage to get five squares at a go.

On the other hand, in the ninety ball Bingo game, an individual grid of 27 is called a ticket. It has squares made up of 3 rows and nine columns. Again, each row of it has five numbers and four blank squares. And, in the ninety  Ball Bingo game, 15 different numbers pop-up on each ticket. It also has a strip consisting of six tickets where each full strip every number from 1 to 90 will arrive. In this article, we will tell you more about how to play bingo game. 

Setting up Bingo

First, on how to play bingo, a game of bingo generally has three prizes to win. These prizes are 1 line, two lines, and, House, which is also called Bingo. At the end of the game, the player who has all the numbers displayed in a horizontal line first on their ticket wins the first line’s prizes. On the other hand, a player who first has all the numbers on the second bingo line wins the second line prize. However, to win the house or bingo in the game, a player must have all the numbered squares called on a ticket.  

Here are some more bingo game rules that you might want to remember. 

Give a scorecard to each player.

A scorecard in a Bingo game has 25 squares with random numbers on them. It also has “BINGO” inscribed on the top section. When a player starts playing the bingo game he has the goal to complete five squares in a vertical space, five squares in a horizontal, or five squares in a diagonal row.

To begin a game, the first thing you need to do is get at least one scorecard to each player in the game. You can buy scorecards of from local stores or even online. You can also draw and make your bingo scorecards if you want.

Describe the game’s letter and number combinations to everyone

The second bingo game rules you need to knowis thatthere are 75 various types of combinations of letter and number in a standard Bingo game. Each of those 75 combinations of letter and number combination matches with any square on top of the scorecards. For example, the given numbers on the “A” column on top of the scorecard match with “A” combinations of letters and numbers. And, suppose the caller in a game chooses “A-7,” you have to search for the “7” square that is under the “A” column to find the match.

Select a player to make the caller.

While playing bingo, the next thing you need to do is choose a player in the game to be the caller. A caller in a bingo game is the individual who shouts the letters and the numbers that decide which squares are to be covered on the scorecards of every player. However, the caller is not outside the central act of playing. The caller does not represent the game similar to everyone else. However, if you’re playing the game at a dedicated Bingo hall, you will already find a dedicated caller. In that situation, the caller is not a part of the actual gameplay.

Pass out the scorecards to each player.

The fourth thing to do is to pass out the scorecards to each person who is playing around. In a Bingo gameeach person who is playing must have at least one scorecard. However, if a player wants, he/she can have more than one scorecard. But the player must be able to keep a record of all the numbers and letters given on different cards that he has.  

You should know the advantage of playing with more than one scorecard. It increases your odds of victory the game. However, having multiple cards needs a lot of practice and genius as you have more squares that need to be remembered.

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